About us


The architects Annette Axthelm and Henner Rolvien each have over 25 years of architectural experience in design, planning and construction.  At the beginning of 2010, both partners decided to merge their respective offices, Axthelm Architects in Potsdam, and QBQ + Partner Architects in Berlin, to form the new practice of Axthelm Rolvien Architects, in order to combine their extensive experience and creative possibilities, and to provide an even better level of service.  They believe in the idea of an open-minded and interdisciplinary approach to collaboration between clients, designers, consultants, contractors and craftsmen.

JUNE 2010

Axthelm Rolvien Architects GmbH & Co. KG was founded in June 2010.  The office employs a professional team of more than 40 experienced architects, with a comprehensive portfolio of work that encompasses media, commercial, educational, healthcare, and residential.  The practice maintains a broad profile, from urban planning and historic preservation to design details and joinery, and ensures the highest degrees of precision, cost management and schedule adherence during all phases of construction.


Our architecture is guided by the straightforward consequences derived from the essentials of functionality, whose requirements establish the logical basis for the program and the origin for our design. Our projects reflect a high standard for detail, materiality, and quality; professionalism, creativity, and a passion for architecture define our ethos.


Alexandra Hofmann
Daniela Hofmann
Jörg Eberhardt
Claudius Gottfried
Silva Schmeusser
Daniel Alonso González
Katharina Schoel
Victor Cobos
Karsten Pohlenz
Matthias Piper
Bärbel Straube
Matthias Schlüter
Christoph Claus
Katrin Maletz
Silke Baumann
Svenja Bakran
Babette Harling-Morlock
Ralph Müller
Benjamin Schuler
Magdalena Tunak
Carlos Lara
Elena Cenci
Sandra Schröpfer
Robert Klose
Stefan Anders
Michael Sörns
Romy Werner
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Nils Meier
Bianca Diemer