About us

Annette Axthelm
AND Henner Rolvien

With their offices Axthelm Architekten in Potsdam and QBQ + Partner Architekten in Berlin, the architects Annette Axthelm and Henner Rolvien can look back on more than 25 years of comprehensive and successful planning work as well as constructive and multi-layered construction activities. At the turn of the year 2010, the two office owners decided to combine their rich experience and creative design possibilities in order to better meet the requirements of an interdisciplinary networking of clients, planners and executing companies.

JunE 2010

In June 2010, the Axthelm Rolvien GmbH & Co. KG was founded. With a professional team of over 40 experienced architects, a wide range of diverse planning tasks can be undertaken. Construction for media and commerce, care, health and educational facilities, hotel and residential construction, traffic architecture, as well as urban development and monument protection are covered in all service phases with the greatest possible degree of cost and schedule reliability.

High standard

Straightforward consistency, derived from the necessary functionality, determines our architectural language here. The desired contents are combined into logical spatial structures and form the basis for the layout and design. A high demand on lines, materiality and value can be found in all designs. Professionalism, creativity and architectural passion determine the working method of the office.

The Team

Mohammad Alnabulsi

Charles Andrade

Silke Baumann

Andreas Boldt

Philipp Buschmeyer

Victor Cobos

Bianca Diemer

Katharina Ebert

Claudius Gottfried

Axel Greifenstein

Daniela Hofmann

Alexandra Hofmann

Merle Klopp-Schulze

Robert Klose

Sabrina Krüger

Katrin Maletz

Tim Pelzer

Karsten Pohlenz

Joachim Schmeusser

Silva Schmeusser

Sandra Schröpfer

Hussam Shahrour

Cornelius Tebarth

Magdalena Tunak

Heike von Emden

Alexandra Weidlich

Daniel Windolf